Our 2018 Team

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Dr. Keith Carlson

Dr. Carlson is the Founder of the Collaboratorium.

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Olivia Bird

Olivia is in the second year of her Master's program. Olivia is the Collaboratorium Coordinator and Supervisor supporting all undergraduate projects. 

I am working to build capacity for the Gladue Database.

Alessandro Tarsia

This summer, I am working as Dr. Ashleigh Androsoff’s research assistant. Our work focuses mainly on Doukhobor and Chinese history in Saskatchewan. We are currently investigating twentieth-century representations of Doukhobor women pulling plows, and representations of Chinese laundry workers at the Tunnels of Moose Jaw tourist attraction.

Caitlin Woloschuk


I am working for the Prince Albert Model Forest to collect Traditional Indigenous Knowledge about the woodland caribou of Northern Saskatchewan. Our goal is to plan and implement community-based conservation efforts, leaving the stewardship of the land in the hands of the people who live on it. The final project of my summer will be a Best Practices Handbook that instructs industry, government, and NGO third parties on how to go about planning and conducting similar traditional land-use surveys in the future with reconciliation as a top priority.

Eden Friesen

Amber is working to translate Franz Boas', an early twentieth-century anthropologist, field notes from German to English. This translation task supports a larger project concerning Transformer Legends of the Coast Salish people in the lower Fraser valley.

Amber Braun

We are working on the Flying Dust First Nation History Project which is in its third year. We are concerned with locating, processing, and incorporating primary sources pertaining to the Flying Dust First Nation Community into an existing database. Secondly, we are conducting oral interviews with elders. We hope this information will be utilized to create a history book and curriculum about the community.

Darsana Kahpeaysewat & Alexandra Forand

The Mistawasis Nêhiyawak and Community-Engaged History Collaboratorium project is a multi-year research project that aims to collect, digitize, and electronically store archival and library materials pertaining to Mistawasis, its land, its history, and its peoples. Digitized materials will be entered into a database accessible only to Mistawasis community members. The purpose of the Mistawasis Nêhiyawak project is to aggregate and make community history accessible, ultimately returning primary source material ownership back to the Mistawasis community.

Erin Grant

This summer, I am working with the Prince Albert Grand Council to develop an Indigenous cultural competency course. This course will be used to educate and train health-care professionals to provide culturally competent care to their Indigenous patients.

Anyssa Plan

Chandra is the website designer, content creator, and photographer for the Collaboratorium.

Chandra Groves


I am working on two projects this summer with the Collaboratorium. One project is with the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan enhancing their digital archives and conducting oral history interviews with Mennonite community members. The other project is with the City of Saskatoon. This project researches intangible history regarding the South Saskatchewan River and its immediate vicinity, including photographs of the riverbanks through the decades. The City of Saskatoon project also includes researching and creating a walking tour of Saskatoon’s historic Chinatown.

Harris Ford

This year at the Collaboratorium I am working with Dr. Keith Carlson on a variety of research projects. Two of my projects focus on the creation of Stó:lō educational materials that will be incorporated into curriculums in the Lower Fraser Valley and across Canada. My third project focuses on legendary stories and transformation sites in both Stó:lō and Tla'amin territory.

Jenna Casey

I’m working with the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society on a variety of projects: I am adapting the Yee Clun Lost Story to a lesson plan, assisting in the SHFS indigenous photo repatriation project, and working on interviews with pow wow dancers to help them publish stories about the meaning of pow wow.

Taytyn Welcher

Kenton has worked as a graphic designer and photographer on several student project this summer including the City of Saskatoon, and IDAMS.

Kenton Doupe

German Council: This project in collaboration with the Saskatoon German Council focuses on the treatment of German-Canadians during World War I and World War II. The main focus is on the internment camps during World War II that were established across Canada; describing the life within these camps, individuals that were interned, and what life was like outside of the camps for many German-Canadians during this time.

Jodi Karasiuk

The Nature Conservancy of Canada - Saskatchewan region is interested in working in partnership with First Nations to repatriate bison to the southeast portion of the province. Research conducted throughout May to August 2018 will support the project.

Alison Dubois

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Erin Isaac

Morgan is working half time for the National Farmers Union as a digital archivist and interviewer collecting member stories in preparation for their 50th Anniversary in 2019. Morgan is also working on adding primary and secondary sources to the Gladue Database,

Morgan Ryan-Roe

This summer I am partnered with the City of Saskatoon. First, I am researching the history of the many bridges of Saskatoon. Second, I am creating a walking tour of Kiwanis Park, with the aim of getting Saskatonians to learn more about our city's history.

Katie Finlay