Prospective Community Partners

The Collaboratorium aims to build meaningful and respectful partnerships with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through collaborative historical research project on topics meaningful to the participant communities.  



The process is fairly simple. Community partners develop research questions that are meaningful to them, provide funding to support the summer student research interns, and assist in the execution of the research and the interpretation/communication of the findings.  The Collaboratorium provides the training, oversight, expertise, and infrastructure to support the project and helps to build capacity for historical research within the participating community.

The Collaboratorium/University Provides:

  • Various in-kind (and sometimes monetary resources) to seed or match and enrich the contribution the community provides

  • Office space and computer equipment

  • Hiring and academic supervision of student researchers

  • Intensive training in research methodologies and related topics, and administrative and academic oversight to highly qualified students.

  • Funding to enable the student to travel, meet, and collaborate with community partners

The collaboratorium offers both single year and multi-year partnerships and is flexible about the size of projects it takes on.

Cost of Participation:

The cost of participation varies by project and is directly related to the number of summer students employed. The majority of projects utilize between a single half-time student and up to three full time students per year. In multi-year partnerships the university may provide additional seed funding to help offset the cost of the partnership.


For more information about establishing a partnership contact: Prof. Keith Carlson (